Ina Grobbelaar

Choosing acrylics as her medium, Ina has become a well known and prolific professional artist. She has sold thousands of her print editions. A limited number of her original works can be viewed at various Cape art galleries.  Her panoramic scenes are instantly recognizable and ideal mementos for visitors, both local and international.



Ina has done over 56 scenes for her various print series. She has done various original paintings and large A1 prints for hotels and lodges.

“Madiba” displayed in the foyer of Cape Town Lodge.

“Shop at the Top”, the gift shop, on top of Table Mountain, where Ina’s prints are available.

Ina enjoys a cozy creative session with Zakkiti as her companion.


Her Style

Ina has been greatly influenced by the French Impressionists and their colour theories. The starting point of her work is a strong composition. She studies a scene thoroughly from all viewpoints and at different times of the day before commencing to paint it. She loves portraying the continuous changing colours of the sea, cloud formations, as well as reflections in sunny vibrant colours. The human figure is always part of the scene, but in an unobtrusive way. The seagulls in flight are ever present. Her main reason for doing a painting is the sheer beauty of the scene.


Early Years

Ina Grobbelaar spent her growing years in the diamond city, Kimberley, and obtained a degree in Fine Art at the University of the Free State. She taught art at various Bloemfontein schools before migrating to the coast. She and her family currently live in picturesque Noordhoek.


Art Teacher

Being an experienced art teacher, she started the San Michele Art School and also taught art at Ixna Academy in Noordhoek. She loved teaching very talented children. She annually entered her pupils’ artworks for the National Santam Child Art Competition where her pupils won numerous awards. Some of her pupils’ award winning works appeared on the Santam Child Art Calendar. Since 2006 Ina concentrated mainly on her original paintings and print series.